Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hope for Japan - progress report #4

Thank you
yarn donation
amigurumi #9 zoom-in

Thank you
Inspiring lovely knitters


for the yarn!

Thank you so much!

Progress report #3, #2 and #1 are here.

amigurumi #9 L

amigurumi #9 by nnaoko
amigurumi #9, a photo by nnaoko on Flickr.

Hope for Japan - amigurumi #9

This is a start.

Hi, My name is Naoko and I am Japanese; live in Edinburgh.

As you know, 11th March last Friday, the Tohoku earthquake had changed the lives of many people in Japan.

I wanted to do something to help those people who were affected so to make my contribution, I decided to make "Amigurumi" (Crochet animals) and sell them to fundraise.
I will then donate 100% of proceed to the Japan Red Cross.

via Enikkiingiardino blog, Raverly, City knitty group website and also K1 yarns (knitting boutique in Edinburgh)
I have asked to help me with leftover wool.

I have already received amazing wool from people who loves knitting... thank you so much!
I just can't say thank you enough.

If you would like to help me, K1 yarns accept your donation yarn on behalf of me. (you can drop by the shop, or via post)
Or if you are in Edinburgh, I will be crocheting animals at Tea tree tea cafe surrounded by the many amazing and inspiring knitters every Thursday (if I can't make it, I will post message here), so please come along to see me there.

Although, the Earthquake is yesterday's news for some, there are still people who has no water, food, electricity, or even house. Your help is our hope.

As I had some technical difficulties in the other blog, I have opened this new blog dedicated to the amigurumi project.
I will be reporting a progress of the project here from now on.

Thank you for dropping by.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

amigurumi #1 to #8

please also visit
enikki in giardino 絵日記のひろば

please feel free to visit enikki in giardino 絵日記のひろば to view amigurumi #1 to #8
however, except # 7, all of amigurumi have already been adopted by lovely people.

I will add a photo of #7 amigurumi for your convenience very soon.

thank you