How to adopt amigurumi

<amigurumi size guide>
They are in 3 different sizes S, M, L.

We are hoping to raise money for each

Small amigurumi for 8 pounds or more
Medium amigurumi for 15 pounds or more
Large amigurumi for 18 pounds or more

So how much you would like to donate for amigurumi is all up to you!!

Please visit "Our amigurumi friends" page to veiw all amigurumi created so far.

We will be adding more amigurumi as and when a new ones are born.
So please do come back and see our new born amigurumi as well!!


If you are interested to adopt them into your home

1. take a note of the number for the amigurumi you want. (e.g. #34)

2. drop us a message on your favourite amigurumi's blog entry. 

3. I will reply within a few days and agree upon how we send your amigurumi and how you can donate to us.
  (and please understand that a postage cost will have to be added if amigurumi is traveling to you via post)

4. Once agreed, we will deliver your amigurumi to you in the method we agreed via email.

While we are creating amigurumi and raising money for Tohoku Japan, we are continuously assessing how best to proceed our project. We would appreciate any comment or advices you make via email or our blog; and we will work hard and improve wherever possible, so we could get our amigurumi to you safe and soundwhile building our hope for the future.