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We have been informed that Save the Children: Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief has now been finished. So we have been looking for an organisation which has the ethos that we would like to support.

After careful consideration, we have decided to support ASHINAGA, who provide educational and emotional support to orphans worldwide. They have a project aiming those children who lost their family by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

We want to keep hope. Hope for those children who will be building our country and our world in the future.

We thought what ASHINAGA do is something we would like to support.

So far £190 out of current total (which you can see on the right hand side of the blob) are donated to Save the Children: Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief via justgiving website.

For the remaining balance, in order to minimise any admin cost*, we are planning to donate running total as of the end of December 2011 to ASHINAGA account directly in Japan.
*Please note that we cover any incurred cost for this donation process (exchange rate impact etc), so what you donate will reach children in Japan. 

We will let you know when your donation reached to ASHINAGA in January 2012.

Save the Children: Japan Earthquake Tsunami Reliefに対する寄付金が終了したとの情報があり、Hope for Japan amigurumiの寄付金送付先を再検討させていただきました。 




現時点でのあみぐるみ寄付合計のうち£190についてはすでにSave the Childrenにお届け済みです。現時点合計については、手数料等の削減も考え、2011年度12月末日時点で日本国内より直接あしなが育成会の口座へ入金させて頂く予定です。


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