Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hope for Kuwagasaki

Eleven of us got together at Chinese Restaurant in Edinburgh last night to make up a message flag for Kuwagasaki, Miyako-city, Iwate-ken.

Kuwagasaki is a fishing port, which severely affected by tsunami. Yoko and Takako, who organized the event, got to know a fisher man through his blog, keeping his diary and thoughts after the quake. She felt strong sympathy and decided to send a message flag so he could hoist the flag on his fishing boat.

Whether we are from Kuwagasaki or not, we all think of people in Japan, who is still suffering from the aftermath of the quake. On blue and white Scottish flag, which reminds us of beautiful dark blue ocean and white cloud in the sky, we wrote messages and drew some pictures to make it brighter.

Scottish ladies and gentlemen at our next table kindly joined us to write heart warming message in Scottish. Chinese lady at restaurant was also pleased to write message in Chinese. We really appreciate their understanding and support for Japan.

It was lovely evening to think of Japan and share our reflections on the quake. I believe our thoughts could reach people in Kuwagasaki.




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